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Go find your inner pioneer

At Abyss Marketing we’ve just completed another project for First Scotland East.   This time it was supporting material to launch some new buses in Livingston.

The concept behind our creative focuses on a really local theme; namely two men who can be hailed as pioneers of their time – James Young and Sir James Young Simpson.

James Young (13 July 1811-13 May 1883) was a Scottish chemist best known for his method of distilling paraffin from coal. In 1860 Young with partners Meldrum and Edward Willam Binney created the first truly commercial oil works in the world – E.W. Binney & Co. at Bathgate in West Lothian – using oil extracted from local mines.

Sir James Young Simpson (7 June 1811-6 May 1870) was a Scottish obstetrician who discovered the anaesthetic properties of chloroform and successfully introduced it for general medical use. Born in Bathgate, West Lothian, he received his initial education at a local school then entered the University of Edinburgh when he was 14 years old. He was appointed Professor of Midwifery at the University of Edinburgh and physician to Queen Victoria.

John Garside, Managing Director with Abyss Marketing adds; “Thanks to these two local gentlemen we were able to develop a range of materials around the local pioneering theme.  Materials developed include a leaflet, internal posters for the new buses, a web banner and a range of merchandise that’s being giveaway to the lucky customers riding on these new buses.”



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