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Helping in the community..

At Abyss we don’t just deal with multi-national blue chip companies, we also enjoy working with a range of community based organisations and local charities. Farsley Constitutional Club is just one example of how we’ve helped raise the profile of a local club.

Farsley Constitutional Club dates back to 1898 and was given to the residents of Farsley to ensure locals would always benefit from a community social club. In latter years the problem has been that few local residents knew about the club and therefore usage was poor.

With a little help from Abyss, we created a new look and feel for the Club which included local adverts, posters, banners and press features. Since the ‘new look’ Club was informally relaunched, membership (at just £10 per year) has soared and the facilities are more widely used and supported by the local community.

If you’re ever in the area pop in past – there’s always something going on – live music, family events, kids competitions, etc – this really is a club right at the heart of its community.


A new look  for Farsley Constitutional Club

A new look for Farsley Constitutional Club

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