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Love it when a plan comes together….

We love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?  You’ll remember that we very recently shared with you that we’ve been giving marketing and PR support to Dial-a-Community Bus and DAB Plus?

DAB along with their partners held a community fun day and road safety event last Saturday in Mintlaw. The event was a huge success and thankfully all the sun dancing we did worked – cause the weather was fairly decent!

Working with the team at DAB was an absolute pleasure and it looks like the feeling was mutual.

Rachel Milne, General Manager, Dial-a-Community Bus & DAB Plus, comments; “Abyss has gone above and beyond what we originally thought we needed for this event. Paula has been superb and has come up with ideas for marketing which we would never have thought of. It has been a pleasure to work with Abyss and we hope we can do more with them in the future.”

There was lots and lots of brainstorming involved with this project and we had some fun pulling our wacky ideas together.

Alan Brown, Manager DAB Plus, adds; “Whereas we could have done the basic marketing ourselves, we really wanted someone to come in, spot the gaps, come up with some innovative ideas and then manage it for us. Paula and Abyss have done that and really took the stress out of the marketing for us.”


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