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Over the fence….

 Paula joins the team at Abyss Marketing

It’s not often you hear about someone leaving a bus operator to join an agency. More often than not, the reverse is true. Former First Aberdeen Marketing Manager, Paula Middleton, who was key in delivering a range of improvements within the business helping the company restore its reputation and deliver passenger growth, has however done just that!

In August Paula hopped off the First Aberdeen journey and decided the grass on the other side, offered by marcomms integrated creative agency, Abyss, should be the next step in her career.

She said; “The opportunity with Abyss was too intriguing and exciting a prospect to turn down. I absolutely loved my position at First (which latterly included a regional Scottish Marketing position) and relished the challenges that came with it. However, 11 years with the company I felt that the time was right for a fresh challenge.”

During Paula’s time at First Aberdeen she was instrumental in delivering a significant number of industry leading projects. The Platinum 19 service launched by First Aberdeen back in November 2013 was Paula’s brainchild and she proved to be the heartbeat from start to finish.

In addition to Platinum 19, which incidentally, won the Best Bus Service category at the 2014 Scottish Transport Awards, Paula’s record at First speaks volumes. She’s delivered far too many campaigns to name them all, but just some of them include; the launch of the Northern Lights service for First Aberdeen which included internal ceiling branding on the buses that reflected a Northern Lights sky, an industry first in Scotland.

She had a huge role in the rollout of MTicketing across the UK – Aberdeen being the pilot, a second Platinum route on Service 12 launched earlier this year and replicates much of the award winning features from Platinum 19 and her last big campaign for the company was the launch of new Streetlite buses with unique Sunshine and Thistle branding both inside and out.

Latterly Paula worked further afield for First in Scotland relaunching two major services in the Scottish Borders – the X62 and the X95. Both services carry distinctive route branding in the form of tartan for the X62 and a Common Ridings theme for the X95.

Paula adds; “Life as a Marketing Manager within a bus company is challenging. Inevitably you’re spinning a huge number of projects at any one time all to be delivered within really tight timescales and of course within a budget that’s often not quite enough!”

So since taking up the position of Account Director with Abyss on 13 August, what’s different about life on the other side of the fence?

Paula laughs; “Life is different in so many ways but in others it’s exactly the same! I’m still juggling a massive amount of projects at any one time with the aim of delivering them all within tight timescales and budgets – that hasn’t changed at all. One of the best things about now working for Abyss is having the opportunity to work with other public transport companies and of course clients in completely different industries. I didn’t always work in the bus industry myself so having the opportunity to work outside it at times is a refreshing change.”

For more information about Abyss Marketing or to contact Paula directly you can call 07860 958294.


Paula launching the Doric Bus at First Aberdeen

Paula launching the Doric Bus at First Aberdeen



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